My husband and I say “I love you to the sun and back, because the moon isn’t far enough.” There is no better feeling in the world than sharing your world with the one you love, the one you don’t want to breathe without. One of my favorite picture’s is the one of my husband and I in the beginning. Without that beginning there would not be all the additional chapters in our story. Let me be part of capturing your beginning.

Couples Trailer


This is perfect for the couple who needs a simple session just focused on your love. In thirty minutes we will capture images that can be the trailer to your story line.

Couples Lifestyle


This session can take place in your home, favorite coffee shop or wherever you call your spot. These are fun, playful sessions that capture a day in the life of you as a couple.

Couples Storybook


Let’s tell your love story from the very start. This session will be all about the passion and history you share as a couple.



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