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Whether you’re looking to rent a natural light studio or hire a professional photographer, we are committed to delivering exceptional service and breathtaking results. We take pride in creating a comfortable and creative environment where you can express yourself and create cherished memories

Photography By My Roots Photography

From the infectious laughter during a playful tickle fight to the tender embrace shared between generations, we specialize in freezing these heartfelt moments in time. We believe that family is the heartbeat of our lives, and we strive to create photographs that reflect the unique bonds and love that make each family truly special.

Rent Heartwoods Studio

At our Natural Light Rural Studio, we believe that nature has a way of infusing a timeless charm into photographs. We invite you to experience the tranquility and enchantment of our studio as we capture the genuine moments and heartfelt emotions that make your story come alive. Step into our rural oasis and let the natural light illuminate your memories.


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