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Birth is intimate and unguarded. You are about to set forth on one of the hardest yet life-changing moments of your life.
You are trusting me to witness one of the most heart-stopping moments of your life, to become a part of it in order to capture the emotions and events that tell it.

There is an artistry to being within the birth space, wherever this space may be. The moments are momentary and instinctive. Your emotions will rise and fall. Your birth space is sacred and your story unguided. Your birth story is not the same as the next person’s, and I am prepared to embrace that. If you are willing to put that trust into me and let me capture it through my eyes, then… your birth story awaits.


Birth Package


Birth Package

How does this session work?

Communication will be the key. We will set up a tour of your birth space should your story not involve the hospital. We will be in touch throughout your pregnancy, and someone will need to notify me at the start of labor so that I can prepare to join you.

Once I’m aware that labor has begun, I will be ready to leave as soon as I get the message that you have reached active labor or 6 cm. Once I arrive, I will be present for the duration until 2 hours after you first lay eyes on your new bundle of joy.

Will I be capturing intimate and private details throughout the session?

You bet I will. My job is for you to feel like you are back in the moment every time you view your gallery.

I will capture everything. However, I will also try to capture angles where you would feel comfortable sharing should you choose to. Do I have to share them with anyone else? Only if you are comfortable and have signed the model release to specify which images you are comfortable sharing.

How long before we get our gallery of images and how many images will be delivered to our gallery?

The turnaround time for delivering galleries is one week. A typical gallery will include around 150-200 images from our session.

These hand-edited images will be placed in an online, password-protected gallery for viewing and downloading.

Do I offer Payment Plans?

Absolutely. In order to book lock-in your due date on the calendar, I do require a non-refundable retainer of $300, which is applied to your balance.

From there, you can choose how much you want to pay and when you want to pay throughout the remainder of your pregnancy.

I just ask that you will settle your balance in full by 36 weeks.


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